Stone repair operation method

Stone Repair Operation Method

On the stone production line, the waste material that passes through cutting becomes plank, want to clean dirt, the impurity such as particle above all, can be heated when necessary remove moisture.Apply the repair glue to pits, sand holes, missing corners, cracks and other parts, fill, and then scrape.On the conveyor belt of continuous repair glue, also can set scraping board, in order to facilitate uniform repair, the upper and the next plate between the paper to separate, prevent the plate bonding.Repair 2 ~ 4h after the glue began to cure, then the board can be leveled, the best time is to be leveled before curing, such as conditions permit, can also increase the heating device, such as heat fan to shorten the curing time.In recent years, a few countries also developed the equipment that is special for stone material to fill glue, saved a lot of artificial labor, be worth advocating to use.
Use 307 unsaturated resin to add curing agent, accelerant, toner or barite powder, original stone powder to make up repair glue is used in repairing the pit of granite, hole, crack effect is better.If be used as the perforation hole of repair plank, want to pad on one side of stone face first, take this side as base face backglue fills solid, fill, pad on the other side again, make two sides eventually pad full of paper.After the glue is cured by grinding, the repair effect will be better.