Stone high-pressure water, CNC carving can be very good to achieve the effect of uneven surfaces

How do uneven surfaces form?
--Stone high-pressure water, CNC carving can be very good to achieve such an effect
Today we will introduce a few kinds of stone material machinery, when decorating a house, stone material adornment enters the field of vision of public life ceaselessly, the different form of stone material is how to form, below we will understand a few kinds of machinery and technology.
You may have seen a number of stone surface uneven stone, so how the uneven formation of these stones, the use of high pressure water jet plate surface, so that it produces uneven surface, called water face, this treatment becomes high pressure stone water.The crystal particles on the surface of the water jet are produced under the friction of the high-pressure water gun, making the surface color pure natural, the effect more colorful, better than the original color, making its own technology perfect outstanding.
High pressure cleaning machine is mainly used for its use of motor pressure, so that the water gun jet high pressure water, wash the surface of the object, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.Can be used to clean stone surface contaminants, clean stone.Effectively solve the stone pollution brought about by the cleaning trouble.
Sandblasting can be selected on different rough surfaces, which is one of the most thorough and efficient cleaning methods. No other process can achieve this. The speed of manual polishing is too slow, and the surface smoothness of cleaning is not conducive to coating.
Sandblasting treatment, in the process is better than other processes, more practical, the effect of more prominent natural beauty and sense of technology.It makes people seem to have a good sense and warmth.No matter how complicated, sandblasting technology can handle it.
Shadow carving is one of the categories of stone carving, because its carving image is lifelike, like photography is called shadow carving.The appearance of shadow carving, for stone carving added a new technology, its image is lifelike, as if the middle scene of the painting, lifelike.Shadow art is the shadow of life, is a noble craft, embodies the modern stone carving noble craft and superior technology.
The above is to introduce several stone machinery and technology, the perfect process of stone needs different stone machinery to complete, but also need different technology to achieve.The aesthetic feeling of stone decoration comes from the perfection of stone mechanical processing.