Maintenance is the key, the development of stone care new di

Maintenance is the key, the development of stone care new direction
The necessity of stone care
Untreated stone there are a lot of the human eye is not visible, capillaries of water-based, oily dirt through these pipes easily into the stone, or rust on the surface of the construction, stone itself contains iron and calcium compounds under the action of water in the cement leak through the capillary stone material surface, lead to all sorts of "disease", and need to be waterproof and anti-fouling processing.At the same time, the polished stone surface meets water that is slippery, the friction coefficient of the wet stone surface may be as low as 0.2, it is not safe to walk on such wet untreated stone ground, the need for anti-slip treatment.Due to wear and tear of the stone in use, the surface will appear scars and defects, the need for renovation.The stone in use in the use environment in all sorts of external factors such as ultraviolet ray, oxygen, water vapor, acid gas, all kinds of dust in the atmosphere and the action of external forces, the appearance of surface loss of light, wear and color darkening phenomenon, the need for renovation and brightening treatment.The stone material that passes dye wants fixed color, want to prolong as far as possible to keep color period.The effect that decorates the product for stone material wants as far as possible lasting, in order to reduce needless labor and material cost and affect normal use.Therefore, in order to extend the service life of stone, stone for the correct nursing is essential.
Two, in the current stone care market has the nursing method
1, to lose the light of the ground stone polishing renovation, this method to a certain extent, can improve the surface of the stone flatness and gloss (gloss reading is generally less than 70), but can not solve the anti-fouling and anti-slip problems of the stone, and very time-consuming, high cost.
2. The surface of the stone is treated with crystal hardness, and the marble with relatively high surface integrity can get an almost ideal mirror effect (the marks can still be seen by the naked eye);To wear the degree of high need to be polished in advance, so that the surface gloss of 60 degrees or so, crystal hard treatment to have a good treatment effect.The treatment effect of granite is not obvious.Crystal hard treatment agent itself has a strong acid, the use of a little careless marble burn effect, the reason is strong acid and the main component of marble calcium carbonate chemical reaction, resulting in the destruction of the crystal structure of marble;The crystal hard treating agent also contains toxic fluorosilicate;The brightener used with crystal hard treating agent contains harmful organic solvent.In addition, the wear resistance and water resistance of the coating are also poor.
3. Use hydrofluoric acid or resin antiskid agent for antiskid treatment.The aqueous solution containing hydrogen fluoride (high toxicity) can make the capillary channel of the stone surface, forming a suction cup effect, to achieve the anti-slip effect, but the use of hydrofluoric acid will destroy the integrity of the treated surface and reduce its luster, increase the chance and speed of contamination of the treated surface.Resin-type antiskid agent will adhere to pollutants, and together with the pollutants to form difficult to remove composite dirt, sticky surface affect the road sense.
4, with fluorine and silicone compound anti-fouling processing, such as with permeability fluorine and silicone compound wall stone processing, water and oil content is not easy to through the stone into the capillaries of stone, the stone surface of fluorine and silicone compounds as the rain washed will gradually lost lost or reduced antifouling effect, namely the fluorine and silicone compounds is difficult to achieve long-term antifouling, will also affect the transparency of stone material, additional cost is also high.If the ground stone is treated with permeable fluorosilicone, the dirt may still be squeezed into the holes still existing on the treated surface, and the anti-slip ability of the treated surface is reduced.If the ground stone is treated with film-forming fluorosilicate resin, there are such problems as abrasion resistance, anti-slip and falling off;If the fluorosilicate of film sex is used for metope stone material to care, the problem that exists fall off and change color.
5, with permeable silicone treatment of stone, has a good waterproof effect, but the ability to prevent oil is not good, its stone protection effect than permeable fluorosilicone organic compound.
6, with resin protection stone material, not only can make stone material airless, and resin itself wear resistance is poor, color change is even uneven color change, peel off, to clear resin itself is also very difficult, on the stone stone coated resin damage effect may be greater than the role of nursing.
7, wax glazing, wax is a kind of damage to the stone care method, has been gradually eliminated.Wax contains uv-sensitive unsaturated chemical bonds and thick cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, in the role of light, hair color and discoloration, often the color becomes dark, make the appearance of light stone hurt;In addition, the wear resistance of wax itself is poor, need to wax often, increase labor costs, comprehensive costs will not be lower than other nursing methods;Wax can adsorb all sorts of life dirt to form compound dirt, these dirt if hide in the capillary channel of stone material is difficult to remove;After waxing, the friction coefficient of ground stone material will be significantly reduced, increasing the risk of slip;Solvent - based wax is not environmental protection, emulsion wax is poor water resistance.
8, the stone dyeing processing, no matter with wax or resin film after dyeing fixed, are expedient, wax itself wear resistance is poor, color fixing effect is poor;Poor wear resistance of resin;And with wax and resin solid color, as mentioned above will also damage the stone.
To sum up, the current stone care methods have a single function, there are also a variety of deficiencies and side effects;Various nursing methods exist between the phenomenon of nursing effect mutual conflict, nursing effect may appear 1+1 < 1, such as stone surface after fluorosilicon compound and resin anti-skid agent treatment, will affect the effect of crystal hard treatment;The use of fluorosilicon resin will reduce the anti-slip effect of stone;The use of resin antiskid agent and the use of very toxic hydrogen fluoride aqueous solution corrosion surface antiskid measures will increase the chance of contamination and speed of stone;At present, the general crystal treatment method will burn the crystal surface of marble, and the strong acid will accelerate the separation between the layers of marble.Accordingly, the product that already had on the market with the function onefold undertakes combination to stone material to nurse, cannot achieve antifouling, antiskid, add color, add luster and wear-resisting wait for a variety of functions, the effect of all sorts of products is each other even offset or attend to one to lose another.Additional, want to undertake the nursing of all project to stone material, not only cost labor time, and on economy again very not profit, cost is not cheap necessarily.
Stone surface care products with a variety of functions, green environmental protection and construction and use safety will be the future direction of development.At present, the stone material that has a variety of functions such as antiskid, antifouling, brightening, brightening and wear-resisting still is the blank of the market.
Three, stone has a multifunctional care function of the plating crystal double anti - crystal glaze
To satisfy the demand of the market, zhongshan sheng gong surface decoration materials co., LTD., after many years of targeted development, obtain practical original technical achievements, is introduced to a stone care with anti-fouling, anti-slip, grace, color, solid color, good, wear-resisting, durable and free to the renovation and other nursing function with double crystal crystal glaze, crystal stone treated by this product has the following features:
1. Anti-fouling and anti-slip
Plating crystal coating to prevent water and oil dirt;The plated crystal coating also has excellent anti-slip performance, with the dry friction coefficient of 0.88 (granite) and 0.80 (marble), both reaching or higher than the very safe friction coefficient of 0.8.
2. Add color and luster
The gloss reading of granite (domestic black gold sand) after treatment can reach above 100;Matte gold thread yellow marble (gloss reading less than 5) after direct treatment of the gloss can reach 90~100.Plating crystal modification can make the texture of the stone itself more clear, to achieve the ideal crystal face, without any marks, color is more bright-coloured, and has a crystal-like translucent appearance.
3. Color retention and color fixation
Crystal glaze contains ultraviolet absorption components, can extend the color retention time of dyed stone;The use of crystal glaze on the surface of dyed stone can make the color fixed without falling off, resistant to dry and wet cloth wipe.
4. No grinding and renovation
Old granite and marble do not have to go through burdensome polishing renovation, after cleaning can be directly treated with plated crystal double anti-crystal glaze and get specular highlights.
5, wear and lasting
High hardness, good wear resistance, uv absorption, anti - oxidation, anti - color change, good durability.
6. Easy to use
Simple operation, quick effect, immediately after processing can be put into daily business activities;Simple daily maintenance, just dust cleaning can be.
7, green environmental protection
Water - based products, non - toxic tasteless, green environmental protection.
Stone plating crystal double anti-crystal glaze can be used for stone manufacturers, online for the plate, table plate plating crystal double anti-modification, so that the stone has mirror, high gloss, anti-slip and anti-fouling characteristics, but also can be used for dyeing stone solid color, so that ordinary products into high value-added products characteristics.Also suitable for cleaning company has been laid on the ground, wall and mesa stone daily protection, nursing, renovation, color and gloss care.