Methods Of Stone Deep Cleaning And General Renovation

Methods Of Stone Deep Cleaning And General Renovation

The disease of stone material basically can be divided into two kinds: one kind is stone material micropore is occupied by foreign body, and stone material itself microstructure has not been destroyed obviously, if most rust yellow spot, organic color spot, salt spot and white China, water mark and water spot, oil spot and oil spot wait a moment.Professional cleansing is the preferred method for these conditions.The other is that the stone microstructure has been damaged to a certain extent, such as surface loss of light, pulverization, peeling, holes, cracks and so on.For the second type of disease, retrofits are commonly used.
Professional cleaning.This is for different causes of stone disease and different object cleaning methods.We have discussed the cleaning technology of stone material or stone cultural relic for many times, here is mainly focused on the decoration of stone material has been deep into the stain of the stone material micro hole cleaning, we call it the "deep cleaning" of stone material.
Generally speaking, stone deep cleaning should include at least the following three steps: cleaning agent through the process of penetration into the micro pores of stone;The cleaning agent has physical or chemical action with dirt molecules in the micro pores of stone.The residue after cleaning is removed by suction or dilution.
Here the first and the third step is to complete the basic operation necessary for deep cleaning, and the second step that can act with the dirt molecules of the cleaning agent needs to be according to the nature of the dirt, the material of the stone and the convenience of the processing process and elaborate design and experiment.