The 7 steps of granite refurbishment and polishing

The 7 steps of granite refurbishment and polishing
1, the ground for a comprehensive cleaning, with a tool to remove the stone gaps in the concrete slurry, and then with a brush, vacuum cleaner dust thoroughly clean.Clean the ground with dry and clean mop, the ground is free of sand, impurities.
2. After the overall cleaning of stone surface is completed, repair the small damage points and middle cracks of stone with marble glue on each stone. First, repair the original damaged surface with marble glue close to the color of stone.Then use the special stone slotting machine to the original stone installed in the seam neatly cut the slit, so that the width of the gap is the same, and then close to the stone color of the marble glue to fill it.Marble glue repair after must wait for the glue dry can do the next process.
, marble glue drying after 3, the use of grinding machine for grinding, whole ground the overall transverse burnish, focus on polished stone between the sealing glue and close to the wall, adornment modelling, modelling of edge, keep the whole stone material ground leveling, finish the polishing of the first time, a new marble glue sealing, sealing done to continue the second polishing, reoccupy stone refurbished machines with Shanghai stone water from coarse to fine, grinding polishing has completed seven times eventually the ground overall level off, smooth, and the steel wool polishing, polishing degree to meet the design requirements of brightness, no obvious gap between stone.(granite renovation must use bridge mill and professional grinding pieces, do not use resin grinding pieces.Coarse grinding: the number of times of grinding and the number of grinding pieces shall not be reduced.60 mesh grinding pieces of stone ground shear, high and low difference, scratch and deformation, such as glue color is basically the same, must be full.Fine grinding: it is not allowed to reduce the number of times of grinding and change the number of grinding mesh.
4. After polishing, use the water absorbent to process the water on the ground, and at the same time use the blow dryer to dry the whole stone surface. If time permits, you can also use natural air drying to keep the stone surface dry.
5, the ground on one side of the uniform spray potions, while the use of marble polishing machine grinding, using the cleaning machine with the red baijie pad, the potions with the same amount of water on the ground, began to grind, the role of heat energy in the crystal surface material in the stone surface crystallization of the surface of the formation of the surface effect.
6, the overall ground maintenance treatment: if it is the stone with a large gap degree to carry on the marble protective agent coating brush, re-polishing, in order to increase the hardness of the whole ground crystal surface.
7, the ground cleaning maintenance: when the stone surface into a crystal mirror, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the residue and water on the ground, the final use of polishing pad polishing, the whole ground is completely dry, bright as a mirror, if the local damage can be carried out local maintenance, construction can go up at any time.(after the stone surface is dry, do crystallization and hard treatment, until the sample to achieve the surface effect.The hole after renovating stone face achieves the mirror glossiness degree of 60 degrees above, must not exist the height difference between stone material, granite stone face achieves 80 degrees above, must not have leakage glue phenomenon.